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WAYNE GENDEL, Paralegal #P08850

Wayne Gendel Client references and testimonials attest to the dedication, professionalism, cost-effectiveness, promptness, and personalized attention that is delivered by Wayne.

Wayne brings decades of well rounded and diverse experience to the practice of legal services whereas previous career history involves work within the health field with expert knowledge of various foods, water systems, supplements, and lecturing. 

For a time, Wayne owned and operated a distribution company with nine (9) employees distributing leading edge products to health stores, health practitioners, and the public, across Canada and into the United States.

Over the years, Wayne has shared knowledge through lectures delivered to thousands of people attending seminars and events as well as via television.

For Wayne, becoming a paralegal provided an opportunity to combine an entrepreneurial skillset inherently prepared for advocacy representation; and then, upon graduating from the paralegal course with Honours, and fueled with a passion for helping people, especially helping people to achieve justice in the areas of Small Claims Court, Traffic Tickets, and Summary Criminal Offences, the opening of GPS Legal became the obvious path for Wayne.

Now, years later, looking back on the positive results achieved for hundreds of clients, it is clear that the road less travelled was definitely the right road.

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