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Generally, a process server is a person who formally delivers legal documents to a party within a legal matter, such as the Plaintiff or Defendant to a lawsuit or other proceeding taking place in a court or tribunal.  Legal documents may also need service upon a third party such as a Summons that is served upon a witness to ensure that the witness will attend and testify in a court case or tribunal hearing.

Typically special rules apply to the service of legal documents.  The rules often vary depending upon the level of court or type of tribunal to which the document relates as well as the nature of the document itself.  The varying rules regarding the manner in which documents must be served are intended to ensure that the document is properly brought to attention of the intended recipient.  A process server helps to ensure that the rules are abided by so as to ensure that the service of the document will be deemed valid.

Notice is usually provided by presenting the party in question with court documents such as Summonses, Statements of Claim, Plaintiff’s Claims, etc. Some documents must be served personally, while others may be served upon a person of legal age at the intended party’s residence or place of employment.

Small Claims Court Documents

Serving various Rules of Small Claims Court forms including Plaintiff's Claim pleading, Defence pleading, Notice of Motion, Notice of Examination Hearing, Summons to Witness, and much more.

Civil Court Documents

Serving various Rules of Civil Procedure forms such as Statement of Claim, Notice of Intent to Defend, Statement of Defence, Notice of Application, Summons to Witness, Notice of Motion, and much more.

Family Court Documents

Serving various Family Law Rules forms including commencing Application documents, Answer, Reply, Notice of Change, Notice of Motion, Summons to Witness, and much more.

Tribunal Hearing Documents

Serving forms and documents as applicable to proceedings within various agencies, bureaus, and commissions, as tribunals operating within the jurisdiction of Ontario law.

Please Call or Email For Immediate Service and Complete Rate Sheet
Most Documents Can Be Served Within 24-48 Hours

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