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The eviction of a tenant can be troublesome.  A disgruntled tenant may cause damage or leave garbage and debris behind thereby causing a risk of substantial loss or expense to the landlord.  Accordingly, having GPS Legal attend upon eviction to supervise or gather evidence, can be very beneficial whereas a tenant is unlikely to engage in malicious conduct in the presence of an observer.  Additionally, where the tenant does act maliciously resulting in harm, the observer is able to gather evidence as proof that may be required within any subsequent legal matter.

Eviction Move-Out Observed

GPS Legal observes the tenant during the move-out process and is able to, inherently by presence, reduce the likelihood of the tenant causing malicious harm, and much more.

Written Report Provided

GPS Legal provides a report to advise of any concerns regarding the tenant move-out as well as observations of the condition of the premises, and much more.

Damage Evidence Gathered

GPS Legal obtains visual recordings of damage or garbage, among other things, that may be required as evidence for legal claims of undue damage, and much more.

Premises Properly Secured

GPS Legal co-ordinates with a local locksmith and arranges for re-keying of the locks, confirms that doors are locked and that windows secured, and also posts No Trespassing signs.

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